Custom Made

When Rexel started operations in 2004, only a couple of product lines were introduced into the market to kick start our production. As time progressed our valued clients appreciated the quality of our products and started encouraging us to manufacture tailor made products to suit the different requirements for each unique project. Rexel is known in the gulf market for making high-quality custom-made products in a timely and efficient manner. From design to production, everything is undertaken in house to ensure the highest level of safety and quality is delivered as a final product. No matter how complex the requirement, our design team is well equipped to offer solutions that are best for the client’s specific requirement. Below are just a few examples of our most recent custom made projects. For more information and to see how we can help you design your customized solution, kindly contact our sales team.

Get Custom Made

As a renowned manufacture of Office Storage, the one aspect that sets us apart from other is our ability and desire to undertake custom made orders. Be it from a customer design, or an idea from within the organization, at Rexel we spend a considerable amount of time and resources to develop new products along with products tailor made to the client’s requirement. Shown here are just some of the custom made orders we have done, and we are always happy to look at new designs and provide solutions to best suit your requirement.